I will try

There really is something about a blank canvas that moves me, and the bigger the blank the better in my eyes.  I bet I could go on fa'days about all the parallels here, or pick out some stellar synonyms that have to do with purity and the excitement behind fresh clean slates, but it scares me that will set some kind of precedence of deep blog posts to come…and I just can’t do that to myself or to you two readers out there (hey mom) the reality is I absolutely LOVE to do this! I want to make your special moment one you get to embrace everyday. I want to give you something unique and original, something that is dear to your sweet spots.

I’d like to think I’m a better painter than I am blog’ateer, so fair warning all the content moving forward might be sooo random and chances are, not that profound, BUT I will try.  So please prepare yourself for unique color combinations, head-tilting compositions, floppy-faced dog photos, art and life.  



This photo by the lovely Kris Mae Weiss was from a styled shoot we put together this past fall. I can't even tell you how much fun that day was; standing back and watching it all come together. *sigh* These two lovebirds in front of this queen sized head board melts muh' heart. Models robe is from Loulette Bride, and make up by the insanely talented MKUP Makeup Studio.

Kris Mae Weiss